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U Lazy 2 Cattle Company is a cattle company based on the idea that the cattle business is really the food business.  Our goal is to produce a high quality product consistently for the consumer.   While the cost of production is one important factor in the cattle business another is that of demand.  Beef like any other product needs to have the highest quality possible, therefore U Lazy 2 measures all livestock by the carcass it produces.  This data is then correlated to create a past historical database that increases the consistency and quality of our beef product through better genetic selection.


Our Mission

U Lazy 2's  purpose is to produce something that the consumer demands while at the same time cutting costs for the producer in as many ways as possible without giving up our goals of higher quality and consistency.  Our goal is to be able to supply better food products through better beef genetics based on our end product, known as the carcass.


Contact Information

Here at U Lazy 2 , we are always attempting to improve our methods and help others do the same.  We consult with people all over the world to both gain a better understanding about our business as well to provide a valuable service to others.  If we can help you in anyway, please feel free to give us a call or drop a note.  We are very familiar with all aspects of the beef industry, from the Cow/Calf producer to the carcass values and all the genetics in between.

Postal address:
683 Lazy U Ranch Rd., Quanah, TX  79252-8076
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General Information: info@ulazy2.com
Customer Support:  Bill Bradley                                             


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