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Licensed Programs

U Lazy 2 has a license program in which qualified producers may grow beef cattle for U Lazy 2  under strict guidelines and full assistance.  While this program is not for everyone, it helps the livestock producer minimize his risks by pre-contracting beef cattle via our contract grower network and receiving data returns on his production as well as the carcass results to help him in the future. 



U Lazy 2  provides replacement beef cattle at a fair price.  We use actual performance and carcass data to sort out poor performance.  EPD's are used as an initial guide.  U Lazy 2  attempts not to purchase beef cattle from any livestock producer that individual actual data is not present, so we do the same for our customers.


Feed Supplies

U Lazy 2  has a great need for Feed everyday, we check our sources for the best deal tailored to each of our Contract Growers and Licensed Operator's needs as well as our own.  We can in many instances, get feed and/or supplements delivered to your location cheaper than you can yourself.  Let our experience help you to get better deals from lower prices to just finding what your needs really are.  We don't always limit ourselves to beef supplements or feeds, we do on occasion purchase other feed for livestock, fish, dogs and other animals provided the order is large enough, (usually one ton).  We also have direct purchase deals thru many feed producers such as ADM and Purina Mills.


U Lazy 2  has been collecting data on beef cattle both on performance in the production phases as well as the carcass cutout phases of the beef business since we began.  We can help you maximize you performance for your environment.  We will help you use less supplementation and less labor, while maintaining or increasing performance.  Let U Lazy 2  help you cut some costs on the production side without sacrificing quality of your beef or food product.  




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