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    U Lazy 2 Cattle Company was born from the idea that cattle are small factories.  Each factory converts grass, water, air and sunshine into something more bio-accessible to humans than eating the vegetation  themselves.  It occurred to us that one problem in the cattle business was that few thought of it as the food business.  We therefore, redirected our focus from the production based tracking, to a consumer - driven performance tracking.  Then we endeavor to produce the consumer - driven product as economical as possible.  Without the demand, there is little reason to produce the product.  Beef, being a very nutrient dense protein source with lots of zinc, iron, and protein, has always been great to eat.  

   U Lazy 2  intends to create a high quality and consistent beef product for the food industry.  U Lazy 2  is well into this process by taking the first step of finding those individual cattle that don't meet the consumers standards and sorting those livestock out of our program.  We do this through identification of the Sire and Dam and match that with the calf.  Then, data is traced back through the chain of production from the offspring to the parents.  This data is then weighted against other cattle in the same group to determine sort status of that individual. Each time this happens to a herd the quality gets better and the cattle become more uniform which means a better beef product that has a consistent quality.

    U Lazy 2  is certified as a Texas Quality Beef Producer, and because of this, in the State of Texas every contract producer and Licensed Operator is also certified.  We take great care in making sure that each Contract Producer and Licensed Operator complies with and is well informed as to the status of the Texas Beef Quality Assurance Program.  Other States entered by UL2's programs will also be qualified as soon as possible, provided that they meet or exceed the thresholds set forth by either U Lazy 2 Cattle Company or the Texas Beef Quality Assurance Program. 

        With this program, U Lazy 2  creates a much more uniform and predictable group of cattle each year.  We don't just look at one dimension to the beef business.  U Lazy 2  is thinking not only about markets, but planning out the calf crop to match a cow's needs to environmental cycles as well as economic, logistical, and other areas of concern..  This means less supplemental feeding and better stocking rates, also, greater weaning weights for calves.  Also, we have the ability to use information from other sources of data such as financial and economic trends to determine what action is best for a particular outcome.  These are just a few of the ways that we cut costs of production while at the same time monitor and increase quality and uniformity.  For more information send us an e-mail to the address below.






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