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Contract Growers


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Angus Pairs 

As one of our Contract Growers, We help the cattle producer produce efficiently what is demanded by the consumer. We test new methods on our control herds first before we ask anyone else to implement changes.  Like you, we have learned some things and wish not to repeat them, so we will help steer you clear of the same mistakes.

Our Licensed Operators use the U Lazy 2 system of management which includes strict guidelines for heath, nutrition, and genetics with certain goals in carcass quality in mind.   Our program is simple to follow.  U Lazy 2's program is in many ways what we feel the cattle producer should be doing anyway.  Our goal is to make our program a good deal for both parties, if it is not, it does not do anyone any good.  We are looking for long term relationships who are progressive in thought.  UL2 requires some data collection, which is returned to you in a useful format.  We require individual identification of all cows, and calves.  UL2 requires strict adherence to our health programs. After all, we all want to have the best beef product for our customers.  This starts with the type of person that raises our livestock.  Proper feed, genetics and handling are paramount to our success in the beef industry.

Before we agree to anything UL2 interviews each potential participant to determine the participant's goals and to make sure everyone understands what is required and whether the program is right for the producer.  We may find that this program is not in the best interests of one party or the other.   

Unlike similar programs we are not looking for that "consumable customer"  we feel that if our program is not what you need to do for your best interests, then we would rather make a friend than just make money from you.  We will look at our program from your perspective with you, and not require from you any business until we earn it.  Beware of those who just want cattle, they may not have any long term relationship in mind.

We do our very best to locate a Licensed Operation in your area to contract with, where there is not one, we normally contract with the cattle producer ourselves until we find one or the Contact Grower wishes to become a Licensed Operation.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us, see our home page for contract information or go to our Feed Back Page.

Key Benefits

  • Up to date Performance and Data returned on your cattle individually, you know which cattle are performing and which are not
  • Our approach is that if you are not doing better with us, then you don't need us
  • Free Consulting anytime the need arises
  • Access to Feed and Supplies at Prices you can live with
  • Access to U Lazy 2  Animal Health Programs and Health Supplies
  • In the State of Texas you are qualified as a Texas Quality Producer under our programs


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